8 mths old

I met up with this little gal again last week for her 8 mth session. She wasn’t feeling so hot, but the session still ran smoothly. Mom always has the bet outfits and we moved quickly in and out of outfits to keep little “H” happy. She had her little tu tu (which I love!), the onsie with her name on it (another fav), the yellow dress and her lady bug outfit. Typically I tell people two outfit changes max for the kids, unless you are a pro at changing fast and can keep the little ones in good spirits. I help out here too but not spending to much time with them until we are on the last outfit and then we can just hang out and capture life. I will go through the first few outfits pretty fast so we can get them into an outfit for the rest of the session. If you know me, I move fast, talk fast and pretty much do everything fast! I am not sure if this is always a good thing but in my business it helps!

Thank you guys for another great session! I will see you again this fall with the whole family for the one year session. For those of you with baby packages, if you want family to join in on a session you can pay the extra head fee (how bad does that sound?!?!?) and get others in the photos, if you wish. Enjoy your images and slide show HERE!

On another note there are a lot of exciting things happening at JMI! First, I will be featured in a news magazine here in a few weeks for my weddings… how exciting is that! I will keep you posted and when it comes out I will reveal the name so you can check it out. Second, I have been doing a lot of work lately and I have a lot to post. I have 10×20 storyboards to share (these come on stand out boards that ROCK!), I designed a wedding invitation and RSVP cards for one of my brides that I want to share, a lot of baby announcements and just lots of work! I hope to get some of these things out soon. I am also doing some charity work this summer and I will fill you in on that later too. This means you will have to keep reading….

I do want to thank you for your interest in my work too. I get so many nice e-mails and even snail mail letters and cards thanking me for my service. I want you all to know I would do this all for free if I could! That is how much I enjoy what I do. It doesn’t feel like a job, so that means I have the best job ever. If bills did not need to be paid, kids did not need to be fed (I had to say that) I would do this for free. Hugs to everyone who is so kind to me! You make me wake up and smile every day and thank the Lord for the blessing he has given me…..










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